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We work in Africa

From the bustling beehive in Mechelen about 330 bees fly out every year to our partner countries in Africa to provide experience and knowledge. Medics without Vacation focuses on LDC countries (least developed countries) and is active in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Benin, Burkina Faso en Cameroon. They are countries with a more or less stable political structure but where wars or natural disasters have caused deeply rooted poverty.

Document about LDC countries.

Inventors Without Vacation

Our volunteers go to regions where it is not easy to work. Not only does the air-conditioning often break down, which means you need to operate at temperatures of up 40°C, sometimes the necessary equipment is not available either. Our people have to be very ingenious at times and get instruments from an ironmonger to perform operations or use equipment meant for medical use for other purposes…

Back in time

Due to the lack of equipment our specialists are sometimes forced to switch to old school medical practice: because there is no Flammazine, they treat burns with milk and honey.

Need any more reasons to admire our volunteers: they give up their holidays to help the poorest in regions where:

  • some roads are nothing more than a sandpit,
  • there is not always electricity and running water,
  • compresses are still folded manually,
  • people are unable to pay for their drip.