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Who are we?

Medics without Vacation comprises about 600 doctors and nurses. During their holidays they spend two to three weeks treating patients in African hospitals. Helping people who otherwise have no chance of recovery. Every week more than two teams leave for Africa. Our teams bring bandages, instruments and medication but also medical equipment.

Our objectives

Medics without Vacation is seeking the sustainable development of healthcare in Africa through:

  • Support to hospitals
  • Making available medical teams
  • Transferring (para)medical knowledge and equipment

How do we work?

Team aan het werk in ziekenhuis Medics without Vacation only comes at the request of a hospital in Africa. We give tailor-made support. As full partners, the Belgian and African medical staff work together.

Our resources

Our biggest source of income comes from our 23,000 supporters and our volunteers who work for free. Since 1997 we are a recognised NGO which receives subsidies.

Where do we work?

Medics without Vacation's headquarters is in Mechelen. On an area of 320 m² 9 permanent employees and about 40 volunteers organise 140 missions to an area of 4,958,799 m².

How it all began…

When on holiday in Cameroon in 1980 our doctors were asked: "Why don't you operate on polio children instead of coming here on holiday?" Surprised at the reality of African hospitals, they thought: “Why not ?”