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Where do we work?

Whether it is in the sweltering heat of Africa or the cool corridors of our office in Mechelen, MWV volunteers have one thing in common: they all have a warm heart for the people of Africa. We do it for people who are worse off than us!

© Griet Hendrickx ©Griet Hendrickx

Our partner countries

From the bustling beehive in Mechelen about 330 bees fly out every year to our partner countries in Africa to provide experience and knowledge.

Our office

You already know how our beehive is buzzing because of the workload of the teams departing every two weeks to Africa.

But apart from buzzing with stress, our office is also buzzing with the enthusiasm of the MWV team.


Do you also want to be part of our enthusiastic team?

Get to know the structure of our organisation via our organisation chart.