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Value for money

70 % of our income comes from donations from generous people such as yourselves. With your donation we can give 8400 patients a new lease on life by operating or treating them. We also train 900 doctors and nurses in Africa.

"Only the best of Europe is good enough for Africa."

Without funds we would not be able to achieve our motto. Medics without Vacation sends European specialists to African hospitals to carry out operations in their specialised field, to treat patients and train African colleagues. The equipment supporting our teams also comes from Europe or meets European quality standards. Our focus is to use as much money as possible on saving patients and as little as possible on administration. Let our figures convince you.

Medics without Vacation is an important medical relief organisation. Naturally, we need to have a very strict financial policy. That is one of the reasons why our accounts are regularly checked and certified by auditors both in Mechelen and in the field. MWV is also a member of the association for ethics in fund collections. They check us every year to make sure our accounts are transparent and our financial policy is sound.

How can Medics without Vacation turn every euro you give into four euro?

Thanks to the voluntary efforts of our 400 doctors and nurses and the Belgian government which subsidises a quarter of our actions, we are able to turn every euro you donate into four euro.
For every euro you give, the government gives another euro.
The voluntary efforts of our specialists represent an amount of 1.75 million euro. If you give one euro, the fact that they work for free means another two euro.

And we haven't even taken into consideration our 40 office volunteers who curb our operational budget by working as much as 9 full time employees. They double the permanent manpower in our office for free.