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For schools and students

Some children have bigger worries than having to give a talk at school. Espérance was born in Congo. When she was born her mother noticed something was not right with Espérance's feet…

A future for Espérance

She went to the medicine man and asked for advice. This wise man made a few cuts in her feet and rubbed in a mixture of leaves. But to no avail: Espérance's feet were all crooked. She could barely walk and her mother was starting to panic more and more: our daughter will never be able to go to school, or get married… Although her name means ‘hope’, there was not much hope for a great future for Espérance.

Hope for Espérance

Until that time in church when her mother heard about a team of specialists from Europe who operated on all children for free. Espérance's mother runs to the house to tell the good news. For two days she walks with Espérance on her back to the hospital of Lubumbashi. But it was worth it. Two months later, in Espérance's hut, she is walking jauntily, toward a future full of hope.

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