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Vision and Mission

Medics without Vacation is convinced that local partner hospitals are themselves able to develop accessible and qualitative health care uit te bouwen voor de lokale bevolking.

It is our mission to enhance them in this role in a sustainable way by sending voluntary doctors and nurses. Our teams exchange (para)medical knowledge and offer practical support in the field of organization, technique and materials.

This conviction is the basis of our vision and mission text.

qualitative health care


Medics without Vacation enhances the capacity of its Sub-Saharan African partners to contribute towards an accessible and qualitative healthcaresystem for the local population


Our 5 partner countries: Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Benin and Burkina Faso

Our 5 partner countries:
Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Benin and Burkina Faso

Medics without Vacation believes that the local medical partners are themselves able to set up in a sustainable way an accessible and qualitative healthcare system in their own community.

The exchange of (para)medical expertise and organizational, technical and material support enable our partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to fully assume their part in the healthcare system.

We can only achieve this thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and in collaboration with local and other parties.

Our partnerships are based upon respectful dialogue, an exchange of knowledge, taking into consideration the local context and long term relationships.