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Putting together teams

Training is our main objective: making ourselves dispensable by passing on knowledge.

Only the best of Europe

Hoe werken we 4The main characteristic of every volunteer working in Africa is flexibility.
You have to be prepared to do more than you are used to or to do things you don't do in Belgium. Other selection criteria include speciality, experience, availability, language skills and motivation. We are looking for people who are committed to regularly going on a mission with us for several years.

That is why we are looking for specialists who offer expertise that is not available in Africa. How else would you be able to provide a credible training in physiotherapy if you are not a physiotherapist yourself? Our motto is: “Only the best of Europe is good enough for Africa.”

Winning teams

Our teams are a nice mix of young and old, of new people and experienced MWV volunteers. In spite of the current political culture in Belgium we manage to make ‘winning teams’ of Walloons and Flemish people. As regards travel the only thing we expect from our people is that they come to Mechelen twice for every mission. These meetings are essential to give our short missions a long-term effect.