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Teams to Africa

Training is our main objective: making ourselves dispensable by passing on knowledge.

Our beehive in Mechelen is constantly buzzing because every week at least two teams leave and that means:

  • 2 briefings and 2 debriefings (because two teams Hoe werken we 3come back as well!)
  • 6 airplane tickets and 6 visas
  • 12 people who want to know whether the team has arrived safely
  • 30 documents leaving
  • 36 visa forms coming in
  • 80 kilos of equipment with the hand luggage
  • 100 telephone calls or mails to Africa regarding accommodation, local organisation and welcome
  • 200 kilos of equipment by air

All done by a bustling team of 9 permanent and about 40 voluntary employees.
The only thing the volunteers need to take care of themselves are passport and vaccinations.
All costs for the mission (plane ticket, accommodation, meals, medical equipment,…) are paid by Medics without Vacation. If you want to help: any support both in manpower and in donations is more than welcome!