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Support to hospitals

Tailor-made support

Medics without Vacation responds to cries for help of African hospitals: “We have so many people with thyroid gland tumours but we can't operate on them!”.
The requests for help we receive from Africa differ from country to country and from region to region. Every region has its own typical illnesses and people. We don't enforce ourselves, we provide specialist knowledge where it is most needed. MWV is not afraid to diversify. Our motto is« tailor-made support ».

The only route to development.

Medics without Vacation believes that the only route toward sustainable development is the one of support and capacity reinforcement of existing African initiatives. We don't build big new hospitals nobody asked for. The African hospitals control the project, they are responsible. Every two years we sit around the table with our African colleagues. We discuss the needs but also the projects of the hospital. If we are not needed we leave as friends, which creates opportunities for other hospitals.