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Medics without Vacation thinks it is important to convince you of the reality in African hospitals. We will gladly give journalists and members of the press information about development cooperation and healthcare in African countries and our organisation.

Would you like to receive press releases or photographs? Do you have any questions or do you want to interview one of our volunteers in the field? Please contact Veerle Symoens or call 015/400884 or 015/400881.

English press releases

A special spotlight from B.Foundation on Medics Without Vacation in Bthere Magazine.

Article about MWV in the Brussels Airlines b-spirit Magazine.

The Brother of Charity (Caritas Deus Est) write about our actions in Gatagara - Rwanda.

Dutch press releases

Because Medics Without Vacation is located in Mechelen, we have more press coverage in Dutch than in English. If you would like to read the Dutch articles about Medics Without Vacation, you can consult our Dutch press page.

Photograph: Griet Hendrickx ©