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(Para)medical Capacity Enhancement

The organization of missions with teams of voluntary doctors and nurses is the most important way of supporting our partners in dispensing better care.

Every week 3 teams on average depart for our partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. These teams work 2 to 3 weeks with the local healthcare personnel in our partner hospitals.

The exchange of knowledge is the keyword here: both parties learn from one another and reinforce each other’s expertise.

Side by side consultation, treatment or surgery on patients

They do this mainly by means of ‘on-the-job training':

  • Side by side consultation, treatment or surgery on patients
  • Exchange of medical techniques
  • Regular consultation and coaching

For this kind of training material is necessary. It is impossible to improve hospital hygiene without compresses to clean the wounds. Our partner hospitals are often confronted with a shortage of material. Medics without Vacation completes where necessary.

Furthermore our teams enhance local expertise by means of short theoretical trainings and workshops for their African colleagues.

HugoDierickxsensThe effect of 2 missions is clearly felt: there was more continuity, more experience and more trust in their own capacity with both local doctors.

During our absence they had themselves performed a few surgeries. After checking, they were fully successful. They performed 80% of the surgeries as first surgeon. I myself was "standby" in the operation quarter in case of any problems. This has worked very well and this trust has encouraged them and stimulated their self-confidence.”

(Dr. Hugo Dierckxsens, otorhinolaryngologist about his mission in DR Congo).