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Transferring (para)medical knowledge and equipment

Restoring people to health and transferring knowledge.

ImageEvery team of Medics without Vacation treats and restores patients to health and provides support to the African staff. They give their colleagues hands on demonstrations of the latest techniques and methods. They don't only transfer knowledge but also exchange knowledge, experience and expertise. This turns missions into an enriching experience, not only for the African partner but also for our people.

MWV jack-of-all-trades with luggage.

MWV volunteers are not only specialists but are also multilingual. They speak French or English and sometimes have to use hands and feet to explain something when standing next to the bed of the patient or in the operating theatre but also when teaching in class and during workshops. In places where there is a lack of good schools or teachers due to conflicts our people also give theoretical training. In this way we fill the holes in the courses of doctors, nursing staff and laboratory technicians. Do you also want to send a specialist to Africa?

Every team of Medics without Vacation takes basic equipment. Our people introduce the equipment on site. Together with the hospitals we build an environment where better care is made possible.