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Icyizere Psychotherapeutic Centre in Kigali organised and hosted training for Vocational Training Centre(VTC) Staff on Mental Health and Substance Misuse.

The vocational centres are charged with the responsibility to train girls who have not been able to attend secondary school and have little prospect to progress well in their lives. The target group for these centres are girls who become sexually exploited for money or already have a baby but no partner, some are excluded from their family home due to their behaviour. The VTC staff received 4 day seminar over 2 weekends where the information about mental health and substance misuse was explored during interactive sessions.

Substance is a growing challenge in Rwanda with many mixed messages and misunderstanding about the topic. My time here is used to give factual information about the substances and how misuse can be managed effectively to reduce relapse and long term harm.

Susan Mary Piddington

June 2014