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Our projects

Providing help where most needed

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The needs in Africa are great. MWV is unable to meet all of Africa's needs but in addition to the classic missions decided to launch a number of projects as well:

  • for Africa's forgotten illnesses (diabetes and VVF)
  • for people at risk of a disability (external fixators)
  • for the doctors in remote regions (medical magazine)

For qualitative care African hospitals need equipment. Teams with specialists who go to work with their African colleagues bring equipment.


Getting Diabetes in Africa means ending up in hospital frequently, expensive insulin, expensive sugar tests and expensive corn flour. Even people with a reasonable income are broke after three attacks…

Vesicavaginal fistulas

If your delivery is likely to be difficult in Europe, you have a Caesarean. An African girl of 14 who needs to deliver a baby has a 5% chance of being incontinent for life because of a fistula.

Open leg fracture = lose your leg

Medics without Vacation developed an external stabiliser for broken bones. “No more unnecessary amputations !” was the motto of the external fixator project.

Life-saving equipment.

MWV makes sure better care is possible by sending equipment. The medical equipment and instruments can also be used by the hospital after the mission.