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Our resources

Providing medical assistance costs a lot of money:

  • sending medication and medical equipment
  • travel expenses of medics and nursing staff
  • equipping laboratories and operating theatres
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Our teams work for free but their expenses are paid. MWV needs a solid financial basis for this: private donations, but also help of governments, international organisations, companies or foundations.




The government values Medics without Vacation.

Since 1997 Medics without Vacation is a recognised Non-Governmental Organisation. In 1996 MWV submitted a file describing all its actions. This file was positively evaluated by the government. However, the development co-operation budget is capped which means our subsidies are also capped: only 25% of our operational budget.


Belgium does not give enough to Africa!

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Private donations

The approximately 22,000 Belgians who support MWV with their donations and bequests are essential to us. They ensure there is money to offer help and to send medical equipment. The support from private donations is good for about 1.5 million euro a year, about 70% of our income.

How do we spend your money?

Hospitals and companies.

More and more companies are showing a solidary and socially responsible side and are supporting a good cause. Corporate Social responsibility is on the up! Do you see your company or hospital in this role as well? Contact us and become a partner of Medics without Vacation.