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Our objectives

© Griet Hendrickx

© Griet Hendrickx

Medics without Vacation defends the right to health. We opt for short missions of two weeks up to a month. These missions are repeated and need to be seen in the context of long-term support of African hospitals. During these missions we pass on our knowledge and experience to our African colleagues. We also send equipment that the hospital needs to provide good care for its patients.


Support to hospitals

Medics without Vacation responds to cries for help of African hospitals: “We have so many people with thyroid gland tumours but we can't operate on them!”.
We believe the only route toward sustainable development is the one of support and capacity reinforcement of existing African initiatives.

Making medical teams available

 “It is unbelievable that someone who lives and works in Europe is willing to come here and work next to me to help clean up our 'merde'.” – Emmanuel Twagirayezu.
To provide tailor-made support, we have a database of specialists working in Europe.

Transferring (para)medical knowledge and equipment

Every team of Medics without Vacation treats and restores patients to health and provides support to the African staff. They give their colleagues hands on demonstrations of the latest techniques and methods.