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Making medical teams available

Working under difficult conditions.

β€œIt is unbelievable that someone who lives and works in Europe is willing to come here and work next to me to help clean up our 'merde'.” – Emmanuel Twagirayezu.
To provide tailor-made support, we have a database of specialists working in Europe: from orthopaedist to neurosurgeon, from operating room nurse to laboratory technician. Are you a (para)medical specialist and do you want to go to Africa ?

Back to basics

On a wooden table our people go back to basics and learn to improvise.

Our people work very closely with the hospital staff:

  • they answer their questions
  • discuss the improvements with them
  • give recommendations for a next mission.
By returning to the same centre year after year they forge friendships. These friendships mean a lot to the volunteers and local staff.