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Medical equipment

ImageMWV also makes sure better care is possible by sending equipment. The medical equipment and instruments can also be used by the hospital after the mission.

Equipment saves lives

It is an old saying in development aid that it is good to give a man a fish, but even better to give a man a fishing rod to learn how to fish.
In view of this, Medics without Vacation not only sends medical equipment along with the teams but also teaches the local doctors how to use it.

Recycling equipment

As soon as usable equipment becomes available, our volunteers pick it up in a trailer. The results of the pick up are sorted and sent. Whatever is missing, is purchased. 

New equipment is expensive

We work with Michiels and Orbi Pharma, two companies which offer affordable equipment that is simple and solid, perfect for use in Africa in other words. Handicap International and other big NGOs also work with these companies.