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In your school


Talk, talk, talk ... only by talking about Africa can we encourage people to help. Give a talk at school, invite a Medic Without Vacation to your class or sell Christmas cards… and make a difference for children your age in Africa.

Collecting money

Whether you wash cars with your scouts group, sell cookies or organise a play at school, every euro sent to Africa is a euro well spent. For 45 euro you can pay for a child’s operation in Africa.

Raising money can be fun !

Forty students of secondary school O.-L.- Vrouw Pulhof in Berchem organised an H2Rock festival on 6 May as part of their final year thesis. The organisation was impressive and more than 1,200 festival goers enjoyed the great sounding bands and organisation The total profit of 4,500 euro was donated to Medics without Vacation. Congratulations to these 40 committed youngsters and thank you!
Why don't you follow their lead.

Invite a Medic Without Vacation to your class

Ask your teacher to invite a volunteer of Medics without Vacation to talk in your class about his/her experience in Africa. We do this for nothing, all we ask is that you pay the travel expenses.

Give a talk about MWV

To prepare your talk please browse through our site. Especially under “About MWV” you will find what you are looking for. Send a mail to Brigitte with your name and home address, and he will send you an information package.