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Tax benefits

Medics without Vacation has been authorised by the Minister of Finance to issue tax certificates for donors.

 ATTENTION: the method for the tax deduction of donations to charities has been changed by the law of December 13, 2012. From now on a flat- rate tax reduction of 45% of the total amount of the donations, with a minimum of 40 EUR per year and per recognised organisation will be applied. This measure is applicable for donations in 2012 and the following years. More ample explanations can be found on the web page of the Organisation for Ethics in Fundraising.

In practice, a 40 EUR gift will only cost you 22 EUR , a gift of 100 EUR will cost 55 EUR.

If the total amount donated in the course of one year is 40 EUR or more, the tax certificate will be issued automatically.

Citizens of the European Union are entitled to a European Tax Certificate that can be used in the country of their fiscal residence. More information on the web page of the Organisation for Ethics in Fundraising 

Non Belgium residents are advised to consult the website of their Official Authorities about the conditions for tax deduction in their country.


When will you receive the certificate?

The tax certificates will be issued in March. You will therefore receive it well in time for your tax return in June. If you have not received it in time, please contact our office . Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail about any problem concerning your tax certificate. 

What is the avantage for you?

This certificate allowes you to fill out the amount of your donations to MWV in your tax return. The Ministery of Finance will deduct 45% of this amount from your tax . As you will pay less tax, part of your donation is in fact payed back.