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Party, sing or run for Africa


What is nicer than partying or exercising with your friends and showing your solidarity with Africa… Can you think of a better way to spend your spare time? If you can't go to Africa for Medics without Vacation, you can support us by organising an event in Belgium. Through the contact with sponsors and participants you not only collect money but you also make people in Belgium aware of the needs in Africa.

Why support MWV?

Medics without Vacation needs money to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses of the surgeons, doctors and nursing staff as well as for the medical equipment to make the work possible. We depend on your donations for our actions. More money means more missions, more courses for African doctors and therefore more patients that are helped.

How to organise an event?

Use your imagination!
Whether it is a sponsored walk to Santiago de Compostela or a colourful Africa fancy dress party in the middle of nowhere, Medics without Vacation is open to your creativity.
We will gladly help you with background or project information, provide MWV promotional material and advise you on how best to collect money. If you want to organise an event, get in touch with Erwin Reynaert (015 400 888) or fill out the form.

Make a webpage to collect money.

You will see that if you have a webpage, people have more trust in you.

  • Your friends and family will want to give or participate in your event because they believe you can make a difference for a good cause.
  • If you believe in MWV your enthusiasm will infect your friends as well… if you really believe in MWV’s cause it can't be difficult.


  • you don't have to accept any money, donations go directly to MWV
  • the tax certificates are automatically provided to anyone who gives more than 30 €
  • it is a safe way to collect money, Just Giving watches over every transaction.


Follow the step-by-step plan to make your own events page for Medics without Vacation.

How should you manage the money?

It is important you ask your sponsors to make their donation directly to the account of Medics without Vacation 733-1000100-60 (IBAN: BE73 7331 0001 0060). Only then are they entitled to a tax certificate. Naturally, we will provide a list of donor names as well as the deposited amounts.

From birth...

Milestones in your life are moments you share with friends and family such as birthdays, weddings, jubilees and births but also funerals or commemorations. They are moments of joy or sadness that can have an ongoing positive effect.
Ask your friends and acquaintances to donate the money they would otherwise spend on flowers, greeting cards or gifts to Medics without Vacation.

In memoriam.

Other, sadder circumstances, such as a funeral, are often a reason to support less fortunate people. Often the family of the deceased suggests, as a final mark of honour to the deceased, not to give flowers or wreaths but to donate money to Medics without Vacation. An in memoriam donation immortalises your loved one with a mention on our site.
Show people how the deceased felt and how he or she wanted to be remembered: a person who wanted to help others, people who are worse off.

Give via E-bay

Do you also have a garage full of junk that you haven't used for months? Do you have a wardrobe full of designer clothes you no longer wear or a bookcase full of first editions you don't read anymore?
Sell your stuff on e-bay in favour of MWV. You will have more space in your garage, the buyer has supported a good cause and gets a tax certificate (minimum 30 euro) and the patients in Africa benefit: a win-win-win situation.
How do you organise a garage sale?

Good examples:

Waffle bake collects 5,320 euro in 1 weekend

Karl D. thought “keep it simple” when he decided to borrow a waffle iron and rounded up 4 friends to bake waffles. His simple idea grew into a huge event. The whole neighbourhood - or municipality - knew about it. Karl even made it in the newspaper… because of the huge amount he collected!

Rotary club Keerbergen Demer Dijle organised a Garden-Deco weekend for garden lovers in favour of Medics without Vacation. The lovely weather and efforts of many volunteers made this into a huge success. This money was used to support specific missions to the hospital in Kikwit Congo. Rotary club Keerbergen Demer Dijle has supported several hospitals through their activities. Our gratitude goes out to them.