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Exercise for Africa

Do you not only want your hobby to be healthy but also useful? Do you regularly take part in sports events and do you want to help a child that can only crawl to walk again? Does Medics without Vacation's objective appeal to you?

Then give you sporting feat an extra dimension:

Get your friends and family to sponsor your sporting achievement.
Through your sporting activity you can support the work of Medics without Vacation and put it in the spotlight.


"Jonathan is running the New York marathon and writes his neighbours, friends and family a letter asking them to sponsor him. For each km he asks them to donate a euro on the account of MWV with specification: "Jonathan to new york!". During the marathon, Jonathan blogs on the site of MWV where everyone is able to follow his progress. After his feat, MWV gives Jonathan a list of sponsors so that he can thank everyone. They also automatically receive a tax certificate."

Contact our fund collection manager Erwin Reynaert (015/400 881).