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The government values Medics without Vacation.

The government gives… but not for nothing.
550,000€ seems a lot of money but you need to do a great deal in return.

Drafting a six-year programme.

DGDC (Belgian Directorate-General for Development co-operation) switched from a five-year programme to a six-year programme in 2007. In other words, at the end of 2007 we needed to submit a six-year programme (SYP) for 2008 – 2013. This SYP was broken down into two parts: the strategic framework (valid to the end of 2013) and the 2008 – 2010 Programme (in which actions for the first three years are described). 

Submit request

This SYP (a book of about 145 pages) was submitted to the DGDC. A commission studied the book to see whether it is admissible. When it was considered admissible, we were invited by DGDC for the policy dialogue. 

Policy dialogue

At the policy dialogue the NGO is given the chance to defend its case. A representative of Coprogram (the umbrella organisation of Flemish NGOs) is present to verify whether the procedure meets all the criteria. At the end of the policy dialogue a report is drawn up that is signed by all the parties (DGDC, Coprogram and the NGO). MWV uses the comments on this report to improve its operation.


Medics without Vacation also submits a budget when it draws up its programme. The financial resources made available by the government are restricted and never meet the NGO's actual needs.

After the policy dialogue a decision is reached as to how much money Medics without Vacation will receive. For our 2008 – 2010 three-year plan we received 1,653,600€. This money also needs to be justified by a half yearly financial report and a 3-annual narrative report.

MWV only received 1/5 of what it requested… We clearly need help to supplement our budget. If you want to help, please don't hesitate to support us! The patients in Africa will thank you for it.