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Two nice photos from Boko!


While preparing, my Orthopaedics mission to Boko (Benin) in December 2013, I keep thinking back of all the young patients we've been able to help during our previous mission to the Hôpital St Jean de Dieu.

I would like to share these two photos of our last mission with you.

onze patientjesonze patientjes

A lot of enthusiasm!


Trainee Denise was dying to perform her first intubation this morning. No lack of enthusiasm…. The first patient was a one year old little girl who came for the treatment of contractures in the palm of her hand as a result of earlier burns. Mmm, not exactly a suitable candidate for an enthusiastic trainee equipped with a laryngoscope, without a ventilator and only a saturation meter for the monitoring. It might be safer to stick to ketamine in this case.



Today I probably saw the most difficult patient of this mission and also the easiest. The difficult one caused very little stress though: it was a 33-year-old sportsman with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Ruptured, so to speak, since the injury was already nine months old and this patient was more of a worry to Maurits than to me. The man insisted on an operation since sport was so important to him…

Alleviate the pain until......


This is not Ndizi but another little fellow patient of Ndizi who will be operated on by Maurits. Guided tour of the Boko hospital.