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Aspirations and relief, hand in hand


Our second week in the maternity ward did not pass unnoticed.
happy mother holding her newborn baby in her armsBeside a number of deliveries that ended well, with a happy mother able to hold her baby in her arms, we had to cope with a few painful situations in which we felt powerless, mainly because of the local mentality: cause and remedy of problems are often sought outside the hospital.

“ Brussels Airlines flights put Medics without Vacation in the picture”


Starting May 1, the short documentary about our visit to Benin with Geena Lisa and Evi Hanssen will be shown on board of SN Brussels Airlines flights. If you are not going to board a plane this month you can always watch the documentary here instead” .


Amina just turned eighteen when she became pregnant with her first child. She was in heaven. Her husband proudly looked forward to the birth of their first child. The pregnancy went very smoothly enabling Amina to keep working the land. When the delivery was approaching, the girl visited the nearest health clinic. She had heard that it would be safer to deliver in the clinic than at home. Not long before she went into labour. After a couple of hours the contractions became stronger and stronger, so it looked as if the baby would soon arrive.

Camera’s en operaties


On arrival in the Ciriri Hospital we are welcomed by the “médecin directeur”, Bernard Mugisho. He is a young and charismatic man, both kind and also a man with authority. He shows us round the operating theatre, the laboratory and the wards. Ciriri is a big hospital and is relatively well organised. The hygiene lessons drummed into the heads by the previous missions have clearly produced their results, says gynecologist Angelica proudly. The MWV team cannot wait to start the surgery.



Dr. Cammu, the director and a VOLT cameraman went, by jeep to the Nyantende Hospital, at an hour’s drive North of Ciriri.

Maria Masson – the 72 year old inspirer of the hospitals in that region, gave us some medical equipment to be handed over. The sandy road to Nyantende had so many holes and bumps that we had to hold the luggage and ourselves very steadily so as not to be thrown around.

Slums versus beautiful nature


Yesterday evening, dr Hendrik Cammu was one of the guests in the TV 1 program VOLT. Sitting at Kobe Ilsen’s table, he gave his impressions from his trip to Eastern Congo, with MWV.

The interview was accompanied by a documentary showing him at work in the Ciriri and Nyantende hospitals, together wit Angelica Meers and Guy Verhulst, gynecologists and Patricia Lavand’homme, anesthetist.

If you want to watch this program again, follow this link:

Photos Annual Meeting 2012

An online selection of the best pictures for those who could not be present or want to have another look at the pleasant atmosphere of the event. 


Eerste week is (weeral) voorbij gevlogen. Vandaag eerste dag dat we thuis waren voor 21 u. Wel water , geen electriciteit maar dat went.

Collage-expo ten voordele van Artsen Zonder Vakantie

Hallo iedereen,

Sinds kort werk ik voor Artsen Zonder Vakantie. Hier zal ik Bieke vervangen die vanaf volgende week op zwangerschapsverlof vertrekt. Vanaf nu zal ik dus regelmatig nieuws posten en komen ook alle blog-berichten bij mij terecht :-)

Stadsloop voor Artsen Zonder Vakantie

Afgelopen zondag (15 mei) vond er een grote stadsloop plaats in Gent.

Dankzij de zus van Lieven D’haese - verpleegkundige en terreinvrijwilliger voor AZV -liep onze organisatie letterlijk en figuurlijk in de kijker. Maartje trok samen met een vriendin een t-shirt aan van Artsen Zonder Vakantie. Een mooie manier om extra aandacht aan onze organisatie te schenken.