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Companies and hospitals

More and more companies are becoming more socially responsible and are supporting a good cause. Corporate social responsibility is on the increase! Do you see your company or hospital in this role as well? Become a partner of Medics without Vacation.

Why support MWV?

We are able to justify the projects you support clearly and concretely.
For every project a goal is set first. How it is reached is explained afterwards.

  • A detailed and specific file is drawn up for you
  • A written report how the projects are achieved is drawn up
  • Photographs of every project are available and can be sent to you
  • A doctor or an employee can give a presentation in your organisation or company about your specific project

A donation

Just as for individuals, companies can also make donations to Medics without Vacation. Our account number is 733-1000100-60 (IBAN: BE73 7331 0001 0060). Donations from 30 euro entitle you to a tax certificate that is issued in the month of March of the year following the donation. You can also make an online donation.

Standing order

A monthly donation makes solidarity a constant in your company. Via the weblog employees are able to follow the result of this partnership close by. A standing order is given to the bank and can be terminated at any moment. Our account number is 733-1000100-60 (IBAN: BE73 7331 0001 0060).

Donation in kind

Are you organising an event for us? Are you a transport company and can you help us ship containers full of equipment? Or are you a medical company that is able to delivery medical equipment? If so, we are interested! Email our fund collection manager Erwin Reynaert or call 015 400 881.


Is your staff going on a mission with MWV and do you want to give them support?
Set up a joint venture with Medics without Vacation:

  • Regularly send nurses and doctors to Africa with MWV (possibly by providing scientific leave)
  • Contribute to specific medical projects (vesicovaginal fistula surgery, external fixator)
  • Donate medical equipment.
  • Make patients and the local press aware of the problems

Contact Erwin Reynaert (015/400 881) to discuss a formula tailor-made to your hospital.

Sandwiches for Africa

Organise (possibly every month) a “sandwiches for Africa day”. Employees eat sandwiches instead of hot food. The money you save is donated to Medics without Vacation.

Get your employees to sell things.

Sell sweets, marzipan, waffles, Christmas cards, crocuses,… Give every employee 5 registration slips and give a prize to the person who sells most. A very easy way to collect a nice sum of money in a short time.

End-of-year budget

Quite a few companies organise events for a good cause at the end of the year. You could decide to not give any end of year gifts (or cheaper gifts) to your customers/staff and mention that you want to support a good cause. Donate your end-of-year budget to MWV. Or don’t send any Christmas cards this year but give this budget to MWV. You can communicate this donation to your customers and employees.

Your event

These are just a few suggestions, of course there are many more possibilities. We will gladly support you with the organisation of your event. Please get in touch with Erwin Reynaert (015/400 881) to look at all the possibilities in your company.