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Medics without Vacation in figures

© Griet Hendrickx

If the photographs and the blogs have not convinced you of the results of our actions in the field, or if you prefer to be convinced by figures feel free to check Medics without Vacation's accounts. Figures about how your money is spent, what the income and expenditure are and figures about our actions.



© Griet Hendrickx

MWV in 10 figures...

Welcome to Medics Without Vacation in 10 figures. For people who have difficulties reading tables and profit and loss accounts, I will be your guide through the 10 most remarkable cases of the organisation.

Having started with one mission in 1981, today about 3 teams depart every week. 3.3 million euros is the amount of the free working hours of our people in the field.

Thanks to their working for free, we are able to work on the improvement of health care in 8 countries. 600 volunteer specialists are members of the teams who go to Africa and more than 40 volunteers work in the MWV office.

There is no possibility to work well without such materials: During the last 2 years, MWV sent out 73,216 kg of medical material. On African soil, we closely cooperated with about 60 hospitals. 70% of our income are donations from people like you. With your donation we can give a new chance to live to about 8,400 patients. At the same time, we train about 900 doctors and nurses in Africa.

We do not have any figures of the snowball effecte:it cannot be measured how many people are actually helped in our African partner hospitals by applying new techniques which we taught local doctors and nurses. Let's hope that this figure is infinite! And then please fasten your seatbelts now because we are about to land. Thank you for travelling with MWV and we wish you a pleasant stay on our site !”

Our money in figures.

© Griet Hendrickx

In our annual report, you can see the figures depicting our work in Africa as well as the figures of the income and the general administration.

If you want more details, then have a look at our balance sheet, the budget and the loss and profit sheet.

On request, you get the operating account sheet, brief information on the cost centres used and a breakdown of revenues and expenses of the fundraising by sending a simple email.

Medics Without Vacation is member of the Association for Ethic in Fundraising and These associations both aim to increase financial transparency with regard to non-profit organisations.


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