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From transfer of knowledge to exchange of knowledge

What does this mean in practice?

our volunteer working side by side with a local colleagueDuring missions, our volunteers work side by side with their local colleagues, Medics Without Vacation’s direct target group. Respect for their knowledge and skills is utmost important.

Exchange of knowledge implies that both parties learn from each other and mutually reinforce their expertise. For Medics Without Vacation, it means: having clinics together, operating patients, exchanging medical techniques, consultation and coaching. This process enables the local

Recognition as official NGO in Burundi

Dr. KashJust before the start of the New Year, Medics without Vacation received the official NGO recognition in Burundi. Dr. Kash Karubara Marcellin, the local representative of Medics Without Vacation explains

Dr. Kash, you have worked for Medics Without Vacation for one and a half year now. Could you give some information about your function within our Organisation, for those who do not yet know you?

Dr. Kash Karubara Marcellin:
"I am the local representative of Medics without Vacation for the region of the Great Lakes (Eastern Congo,

Capacity enhancement trajectory

Since the start, more then 30 years ago, Medics without Vacation developed from a purely medical-humanitarian NGO into a Capacity Enhancement NGO. Medical- and paramedical missions geared to improving the local medical staff’s capacities remain the central part of the multiannual  2014-2016  plan.
In addition, in view of a more integrated support of the local partner hospital, Medics without Vacation pays more and more attention to the capacity enhancement of the supporting services (technical, medical imaging, lab) and to the organisational aspects (care management, stock management and hygiene).